viernes, marzo 20, 2009

I want to travel to Wonderland...

And be a little Alice and have a big unbirthday party

I have a big obsession with Alice in the Wonderland, maybe becouse Fivi loves de customes of this video, Lacroix is one of the her favourite fashion designer, the other... Dior (John Galliano).

I need practise my english and for this reason I will try to write here more in english. I hope don't make a lot of mistakes ^_^

And the photo... just only another thing I need to practise more

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At 5:37 p. m., Blogger liuia drusilla said...

OK, let's comment in English then ;).
It's good to see you, we've really missed you!

At 7:22 p. m., Blogger Blanca said...

I really love Alice in Wonderland :-)

At 2:35 p. m., Blogger Rida said...

Eso de practicar idiomas, creo que nos hace falta a todas... Besitos.Mabel.


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